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  • (EN>ES) Criminal Justice Information Services letter stating lack of arrest history for client whose child wishes to enroll in student foreign exchange program (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Rental Agreement from Mexico (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Family Law Letter Rogatory from Mexico for use in a state court in the US (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Marriage certificate from Venezuela (Legal) 
  • (ES>EN) Decree of marriage annulment from Mexico (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Divorce decree from Mexico (Legal) 
  • (ES>EN) Legally Sanctioned Body Removal sworn statement from an attorney general’s office in Central America and death certificate for use in an administrative law case in the United States (Legal) 
  • (EN>ES) Three-page fee agreement for internal use at a local law firm (Legal) 
  • (ES>EN) Four-page university transcript from Mexico (Business/Academic)
  • (ES>EN) Professional ID card issued by the Mexican Department of Public Education (Business)
  • (ES>EN) Text messages for a private investigator working on a criminal case (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Medical certificates from Mexico detailing patient’s treatment and medications (Medical)
  • (ES>EN) Lengthy adoption proceedings documents from Mexico (Legal)
  • (EN>ES) Product ingredients from a Wisconsin cheese company (Culinary)
  • (EN>ES) Material acceptance policy from a scrap metal recycling company (Environmental)
  • (ES>EN) Money laundering newspaper article from Spain (Media)
  • (EN>ES) Termination of Parental Rights Consent Affidavit from U.S. to be used in Mexico (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws from Colombia (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Residential lease/contract agreement from Venezuela (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Judgment in a corporate lawsuit from Spain (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Death decree from Colombia (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Power of Attorney from Argentina (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Petition for fast-track oral proceedings from Spain (Legal/Civil Law)
  • (ES>EN) Divorce decree from Puerto Rico (Legal)
  • (EN>ES) Annual insurance statement and policy (Business)
  • (ES>EN) Birth certificate from the United Mexican States (Legal)
  • (EN>ES) Planning for Your Retirement information package (Business/Legal)
  • (EN>ES) Employee beneficiary designation form for a major life insurance company (Business/Legal)
  • (EN>ES) Mutual funds report (Business)
  • (EN>ES) Fundamental differences between brand name and generic medications and dosages (Medical)
  • (EN>ES) Letter to parents on head lice and how to remove nits (Medical)
  • (EN>ES) Bill of sale from the United States (Legal)
  • (EN>ES) Letter of singleness from the National Vital Statistics Office in Manila, Philippines (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Birth certificate from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (Legal)
  • (ES>EN) Property agreement from Mexico (Legal)
  • (EN>ES) Attorney correspondence to client (Legal)
  • (EN>ES) Birth certificate from the United States (Legal)
  • (EN>ES) Elementary school newsletter (Educational)
  • (EN>ES) Behavioral health questionnaire for parents of preschoolers (Educational, Medical)
  • (EN>ES) Teacher’s newsletter to parents (Educational)
  • (EN>ES) High school principal’s letter to parents (Educational, Legal)
  • (EN>ES) Middle school newsletter (Educational)
  • (EN>ES) invitation and flyer inviting parents to Family Night at local high school (General)
  • (EN>ES) Lengthy translation (~10,000 words) of school district parent handbook (Educational)
  • (EN>ES) Guide for citizen contacts with law enforcement brochure (Legal)
  • (EN>ES) High school newsletter (Educational)

EN>ES = English into Spanish
ES>EN = Spanish into English

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